At last, PandwaRF has an Android SDK. The library is called gollum. You can include this library module to your Android project and develop your own application to drive your PandwaRF.

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API v0.9.27

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API v0.9.12

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API changes - Fri, 06 July 2018

  • improve javadoc for GollumDongle API (CC1111 FW update) and readability
  • nrftoolbox: close() and disconnect() BluetoothGatt upon unexpected BLE disconnect
  • nrftoolbox: fix crash when unregistering non registered receivers
  • nrftoolbox: fix NPE when destroying BleManager
  • update some deprecated method javadoc
  • nrftoolbox: clean RSSI measurement timer
  • nrftoolbox: add trace when trying to connect with BT off
  • nrftoolbox: detect BLE service restart on Samsung Galaxy S5: after 10s of connection, the BT process restarts and the link is closed
  • CC1111 FW update: add security to avoid calling callback accidentally when watchdogTimer expires
  • start/stop CC1111 FW update timers from pre/post asynctask
  • nrftoolbox: use TRANSPORT_LE as preferred transport for GATT connections
  • nrftoolbox: add some traces for BLE adapter state
  • load C++ runtime library from Java (revert to pre 1.4.10 version)
  • init to offline mode by default

API v0.9.11

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API changes - Fri, 06 July 2018

  • nrftoolbox: use current useTxFifoQueue value when enqueing Request
  • add CC1111 FW update APIs with hex file and path
  • consolidate Files utils into single Lib class
  • add parameter to enqueue all TX packets into a FIFO queue (default) or use single packet transmission (fallback)
  • CC1111 FW update: add a fine progress callback to be notified when a packet has been sent
  • CC1111 FW update: use BLE write with Ack when sending pages
  • nrftoolbox: do not block TX queue in wait() if no Request was sent
  • nrftoolbox: use ConcurrentLinkedQueue offer() instead of add() for TX queue
  • Jamming Detection: add Start, Stop and Result methods
  • split offline mode into backend/analytics/crash report modes
  • force Dongle state to free when device disconnects
  • add traces when loading native libraries
  • force offline mode in sdk build type
  • nrftoolbox: fix IllegalStateException in stopScan() when BT Adapter is not turned ON
  • Use the new gradle dependency configurations
  • update targetSdkVersion to target API level 24

API v0.9.10

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API changes - Thu, 14 June 2018

  • disable Fabric in non-release builds (debug or sdk)
  • nrftoolbox: update to v1.0.11
  • add/remove missing/un-needed dependencies
  • use ReLinker for native library loading
  • load native libraries in Sub1GHzRfTransceiver constructor
  • do not load C++ runtime library from Java
  • NDK build: increase minimum API level for native library support to API level 18
  • move Fabric/Crashlytics initialization to Gollum Lib
  • add methods to scan BLE devices for variable duration
  • use same xxxSdkVersion and supportLibraryVersion for all Gollum Android modules
  • add missing status callbacks in updateFirmwareNordic()
  • fix repeat value in saveButtonConfigInFlash function for CC1111
  • trace all PandwaRF not connected as errors in API calls
  • clarify some comments for Nordic DFU methods

API v0.9.8

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API changes - Mon, 23 Apr 2018

  • save config in Flash: fix wrong data buffer conversion in saveButtonConfigInFlash()
  • add more Javadoc comments in GollumDongle
  • add/fix RX/TX message flush functions: rxFlush()/txFlush()
  • remove duplicate hex conversion function

API v0.9.7

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API changes - Wed, 28 Mar 2018

  • USB: fix crash when claiming USB interface while connection is null
  • add repeat paramter in txSend(), txSendHex()
  • RX/TX: handle HW/SW repeat parameter

API v0.9.6

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API changes - Thu, 1 Mar 2018

  • fix USB device not displayed and not opened when user choose USB connection just once option

API v0.9.5

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API changes - Mon, 26 Feb 2018

  • CC1111 register R/W: use same wait delay as NPI timeouts

API v0.9.4

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API changes - Fri, 23 Feb 2018

  • add traces in all AsyncTask onPostExecute()
  • Huawei fix (generalized to all devices): Do not wait for confirmation that TX packet has been queued

API v0.9.3

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API changes - Wed, 21 Feb 2018

  • add API to force Nordic nRF51 chipset into sleep mode
  • add API to reset nRF51 chipset
  • add API to set battery capacity
  • save RxTx data in hex string instead of string array
  • update TxConfig and RxTxConfig classes
  • regroup hex String <-> byte array conversion function to Hex class
  • skip device when non Gollum USB device detected

API v0.9.2

API not published

API changes - Tue, 6 Feb 2018

  • rename firmwareUpdateCC1111() to updateFirmwareCC1111() for alignment

API v0.9.1

API not published

API changes - Wed, 31 Jan 2018

  • add API to set NPI timeout values
  • return bond procedure status in clearBondDevice()

API v0.9.0

API not published

API changes - Mon, 22 Jan 2018

  • make RF link nuke function execute in parallel of other tasks
  • add onUnBonded(address) callback
  • add bond/unbond helpers methods
  • Do not consider setting power amps as a blocking RF task, as it is done asynchronously
  • use parallel AsyncTask to stop Specan
  • do not unpair all devices when searching new devices
  • add missing method to set retry mode over BUS config
  • add methods to set HW revision over BUS config
  • pass BLE MAC address in parameter when sending onDeviceConnecting/Ready/Disconnecting/Disconnected/LinkLoss event

API v0.8.5

API not published

API changes - Wed, 3 Jan 2018

  • mark Sub1GHzRfTransceiverSocket as deprecated
  • update to nRF toolbox v1.0.3

API v0.8.4

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API changes - Wed, 20 Dec 2017

  • fix same USB device detected several times: Do not call onPauseUSB() in app onPause() if connected in USB
  • add method to get USB device name
  • Split GollumDongle reconnect() function into reconnectUSB() and reconnectBLE()
  • consider dongle busy between start of rxDataRateMeasStart() and end of rxDataRateMeasStop()
  • consider dongle busy between start of rxSetup() and end of rxStop()
  • add task parameter to GollumDongleActivityEvent
  • SimpleGollumDongle is now deprecated
  • minor rename and clarify methods to get FW version based on commit ID
  • add API to get nRF Toolbox version

API v0.8.3

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API changes - Wed, 13 Dec 2017

  • fix dfu removed classes after ProGuard causing Nordic FW update failure
  • update compileSdkVersion to 27 and buildToolsVersion to 27.0.2

API v0.8.2

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API changes - Tue, 12 Dec 2017

  • warning fixes
  • fix dongle state not set to free after rfSetTxRxPowerAmpAction()
  • make all byte[] to String methods return upper case
  • Brute Force: add support of long symbols in SyncCodeTail pattern
  • Brute Force: use byte[] for symbols in BruteForceSession
  • RfSetupParameters: set deviation to 0 in OOK in RfSetupParameters constructor
  • add methods for Brute Force setup with logical symbols coded on more than 1 byte
  • BF: move function value/mask String to byte[] conversion in Sub1GHzRfTransceiver
  • use toString() methods when printing brute force parameters
  • return version as int instead of string for get CC111 bootloader version
  • add exception parameter to GollumCallbackGetInteger
  • GollumDongle Scanner creation: fix RuntimeException: Can't create handler inside thread that has not called Looper.prepare()
  • add set power amp methods using RfPowerAmplifierMode
  • add method to get current power amplifiers mode
  • fix USB attach/detach receiver unregistered while not registered
  • add method to close/re-open NPI native interface

API v0.8.1

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API changes - Fri, 1 Dec 2017

  • add enum in Common for RF amplifiers values
  • add javadoc clarification

API v0.8.0

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API changes - Wed, 29 Nov 2017

  • add method to set RF power amplifiers in current context when already in background task
  • BF: make BruteForceStartParameters extends BruteForceSetupParameters
  • BF: split rfBruteForceAttackSetup()/Start() in separate RF setup + BF setup phases
  • add RF parameter wrapper class
  • BF: wrap parameters into single object for AsyncTask and Sub1GHzRfTransceiver BF methods
  • BF: add deviation in BF parameters wrapper classes
  • move BF method parameters to wrapper classes to reduce param number
  • add deviation parameter to RX/TX/DRM setup
  • add USB attach/detach broadcast receiver
  • clean methods to get USB/BL FW status
  • add utils package in javadoc
  • add getter for JavaScriptConsoleLogEvent string